CD Digipack "Criatura" Non Servium

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Non Servium

    1.    Intro
    2.    Criatura
    3.    Hordes of punks
    4.    Su don
    5.    Quémalas
    6.    Killer
    7.    En mi corazón
    8.    Héroes
    9.    De entre los muertos
    10.    Los amos de la calle
    11.    Freedom

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Raúl “Riff” Cuellar at Riff Audio (Burbank, CA) during May and June 2023.
Producer/recorder assistant: Nick Riccs at Riff Audio (Burbank, CA).
Design and layout: Gaboni.
Photo: Jorge Gavilán @zaire.radio

David Rodriguez (The Casualties, Krum Bums, Starving Wolves) voice in “Hordes of punks”.
Percussion and choirs by Raúl “Riff” Cuellar.
Chorus and acoustic guitars by Nick Riccs at Riff Audio (Burbank, CA).
Freedom is an adaptation of Django Unchained's BSO.

CD Digipack "Criatura" Non...


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